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What Is MusicPass?
A wallet-size gift card with a unique PIN code that lets you download a full album plus great other artist materials.

Where can I play this music?
The music downloaded through these cards will be playable on all MP3 players, including iPods, and of course on your computer.

Where can I buy a MusicPass?
In the U.S. you can purchase a MusicPass at Best Buy, Target, f.y.e., Fred's, Hastings, Office Depot, Winn-Dixie, and other retail outlets. In Canada, MusicPass can be purchased at Wal-Mart, FutureShop, Best Buy, Shoppers, and CD Plus. And we expect to add more stores to the list!

How much does a MusicPass card cost?
The cards come in various suggested retail prices: $12.99, $15.99, and $19.99. The $19.99 card includes the album, bonus features and the choice of an additional album from the same artist. Right now, two cards are available at $19.99 -- Celine Dion' s "Taking Chances" and Kenny Chesney's "Just Who I Am: Poets and Pirates" with more coming soon.

Can I buy a MusicPass for a friend?
Yes. The MusicPass card was created to satisfy music lovers' desire to acquire music and special bonus material from their favorite artists. So sure -- buy one for your friend and for yourself!

What artists are available on MusicPass?
You can purchase a MusicPass for artists such as Alejandro Fernandez, Alicia Keys, Avril Lavigne, Backstreet Boys, Barry Manilow, Bob Dylan, Boys Like Girls, Brooks and Dunn, and others. Be on the lookout, as we'll adding more!

Will there be bonus material on the MusicPass cards?
Yes. Most of the cards will feature either bonus material or in the case of compilations, an extensive number of tracks.

What type of bonus material will be included in the card?
Bonus material can include music videos, interviews with the artist, bonus audio tracks, lyrics, and more.

How long are these cards good for?
They have no expiration date.

What is the audio quality of MusicPass files?
The music files are in MP3 format and have been encoded at a rate of 320kbps, ensuring a great listening experience. These files are superior to most other MP3s currently available on the web.

How quickly will my music download?
We have made the redemption/download process simple and streamlined. You can add the tracks directly to iTunes, Windows Media Player, or other media players. Download speeds always depend upon your internet connection, but it should be relatively quick.

Can I preview the music before I download?
Yes. We have included 30 second audio previews for all tracks.

Can I preview videos before I download?
Yes, but only for some videos. We hope to include video previews for all videos very soon!

Do I have to supply any personal information?
No. Just enter the PIN and Serial Number found on the back of the MusicPass card and start downloading your music, videos, pdfs, and you are on your way.
At the end of your download, we will ask if you would like to supply your email address so you can receive additional information about your favorite artists.

What happens when I enter my email?
It is not necessary to supply your email address to redeem and download content. However, we encourage you to sign up to get more information on your favorite artists.

How easy will it be to transfer my MusicPass files into my existing directories?
The download process has been built specifically to make it easy to include your music in your existing directories on your computer - and it will even load easily into your iTunes or other music players. You will be prompted to save your music, video, and pdfs to different directories. Just choose whatever works best for you!

Does it play on PC and Mac?
Yes. MusicPass supports both PC and Mac.

What are the systems requirements?
All you need is an MP3 capable music player and an internet browser (Internet Explorer version 6 or higher; Safari version 2 or higher; Firefox version 2 or higher).

Can I burn copies of the files I acquire?
Yes. You can burn copies for personal use.

Can I share my downloaded files with friends and family?
The files are meant for personal use only. You may not upload these files to file sharing sites.